Monday, August 1, 2011

Road Trip Essentials

This past week we took a road trip to visit family out of state. Thought I would post what the essentials to our trip were.

  1. Iphone's and charger
  2. radar detector
  3. TomTom Navigational unit
As you can see, our essentials are all computerized. The Iphone's definitely entertained us during the drive. My teenager probably listened to hers the whole trip. Mine was used as phone, information gatherer, camera and electronic toy. I love my Iphone.

Radar detector is self explained, need to keep one step ahead of the police. No tickets needed for us.

Who needs an atlas nowadays, the TomTom gave us up to date directions and even recalculated our directions if needed.

My family loves a good road trip. Though, coming home is never as fun. We always look forward to our next trip. Not sure where or when it will be.

Oh yeah, don't forget the caffeine. My choice is Pepsi!