Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beauty of Fall Colors

As I sit and look out the window today, (it is grey, raining and only 60 degree,) it reminds me of my trip east to see the beautiful colors of fall. Living in the mid west, I thought we have beautiful fall colors here, not even close. You see, we were not really on a fall color trip. We were on a college road trip, my son and I. Every school he wanted to see was out east, and I was happy to take him (on the most part, he is the child that is most like me and we tend to butt heads a lot).

We stopped in Pennsylvania to fill the gas tank up. It was so beautiful, that I had to pull my camera out right away. My son found it funny, but I was ok with that. I had never really been east to look at the beautiful fall colors. Let me state here, that I was in NYC in November one year, and I did walk through Central Park, but that is completely different (I was enamored with the history so much that I didn't really see everything around me.

So, in honor of one of my favorite seasons, I thought I would share some of my photo's from this road trip.

Hampton Inn, Beckley, WV 

Mountains surrounding Beckley, WV

Georgetown University, Washington D.C

Mountains (could be PA or WV)

I truly loved every color, from green to brown and red to purples, it was absolutely gorgeous! I hope to he able to make this trip in the future, just for fun. To take my time in each town and take a ton of pictures of the beauty that surrounds us everyday!


  1. Stunning colors, Terri. I love this time of year (well, not the cold rain part!)

  2. Thanks Karen! I really enjoy the changing of seasons and the colors we get to see yearly!