Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mount Rushmore

In 2004, we took a road trip west. I wrote this piece for a blog that I never published. 
Nothing can really describe the moment we first saw Mount Rushmore. We had been driving for hours, going through all of those pig tail turns that had me beyond frightened, suddenly I look straight ahead and see the monument in the distance. Of course, we just came through a pig tail turn, going through a single lane covered bridge/tunnel and we stop dead in our tracks and grab the camera to try and take a few pictures. It was simply breathtaking!

That evening we went to the Mount Rushmore National Park, and had some ice cream. We sat there, eating our ice cream and just enjoying the view. The emotions that arose from within are numerous. All I can say is that I truly enjoyed sitting here, listening to the gentleman speak. My only regret is that we were so tired, we left before the fireworks. We had promised to come back before we went home. We never made it back. Obviously, I will have to make another trip ti see the fireworks!

I definitely recommend staying at least one night at the President’s View Resort. Make sure to get a room with a view of the monument, you will not regret it.

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